19 de marzo de 2012

Youtube layout Protest

You don't need to be a designer to notice when a new design can be worse than the previous one. This is what a lot of people think about the latest Youtube update.

So I've decided to protest against the new channel layout within the layout. Check out my channel here. or just clic on the capture on the left.

I've created a simple, intentionally ugly design in order to tell Youtube that I hate the way they want me to manage my videos on the site. I believe that's the only protest that can actually work: casual visitors will inmediatelly see that you are only using it because you have to, and understand why the channel is worse. And it will stay on Youtube like no tweet or blog post outside could.

If anyone wants to join, here's the original background, and here's the Photoshop file for customization. I'm sure you want to customize it, the way you wanted to customize your channel.

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Gorzas dijo...

Bájale ancho al png, a 1024 o 1280, que sino no se ve bien en pantallas normales (habría que disminuir el tamaño de la letra, claro).

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